These videos never get old and this might be one of the most touching of them all. Returning military dads want nothing more than to see their families again and some of them have gone to great lengths to surprise their loved ones upon returning home. This dad dressed up as Captain America to surprise his son Cole on his birthday. Cole is a huge fan of Captain America and was dressed in his own Captain America costume when his dad knocked on the door.

Cole and his little brother Chase were amazed when they saw Captain America on their porch. Dad was invited in for breakfast and mom said that everyone had to take off their masks at the table. Cole took his off right away and when dad takes his off, Cole was overwhelmed and kinda confused at the same time. Cole and Chase make their way to their dad and the moment is priceless and to Cole and Chase, dad is a true American hero. Warning: Your heart will melt right out of your chest.