2020 was rough. Maybe the stress of the pandemic, the election, and all the other things the year threw at us put you in a funk. You definitely weren't alone if it did. Maybe that funk led you to not take care of yourself as much as you should. You couldn't go anywhere, or weren't supposed to anyway, so you spent more time than normal binge-watching TV shows and eating ice cream straight out of the container. Now, with a new year and (hopefully) brighter days ahead, the time has come to put that funk in the past and work on being a better you. Maybe that means exercising more, or the always popular, eating healthier resolution. Neither is easy, but both are worth the reward if you can stick with it, or so I've heard. But, if (or when) the day comes where the thought of biting into one more raw carrot, or choking down another piece of avocado toast makes you want to run into traffic, one beer company is ready to help you save you from yourself.

Hamm's Beer is currently giving you the chance to win one of 50 "Hammergency Kits" which comes complete with their signature beer and five, count 'em, FIVE pounds of salty, delicious, bacon all packaged in a reusable Hamm's cooler for those times when you just need a break from those resolutions.

Registration is open to anyone 21-years-old or over and ends January 13th. You can enter to win through the company's Hammergency website.

While beer and bacon are without a doubt good options for a cheat day here and there, if I were to put together my own Resolution Emergency Kit for those times when I need a break, or want to reward myself a little, here are the things I'd throw in there.

Ingredients for a Resolution Emergency Kit

What would you put in your Resolution Emergency Kit? Let me know in the comments below.

[Source: Hamm's Beer]

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