If you were at the Brantley Gilbert concert in Evansville on February 23rd, maybe you caught a glimpse of the man himself walking in the crowd...or did you REALLY? Chances are, you didn't see Brantley walking around before the show. Actually the man you saw was Ryan Zuelly. Ryan is a Tri-State native who seriously looks a lot like Brantley.

Getty Images/Ryan Zuelly
Getty Images/Ryan Zuelly

A video on Facebook went viral after his wife posted it. In the video, you see Ryan trying to get to his seat at the show but was unsuccessful because everyone thought he was Brantley Gilbert...it didn't help matters that he was dressed like Brantley, but it was still funny!

I was able to speak with Ryan yesterday. He told me all about that night and everyone's reaction to "Brantley Gilbert" walking around the Ford Center. Check out the full interview and video content of him at the concert:

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