When you think about Black Friday, you think about big department stores, box stores and electronics stores. Have you ever seen hundreds lined up in front of a small mom and pop 99-cent store? Not until now, thanks to the folks at Improve Everywhere who specialize in holiday season pranks. Some pranks don't always end well, but this one did for the owner of a tiny 99-cent store in New York. The group's prank involved lining up hundreds of shoppers in front of the tiny store, which led to even more people assuming something big must be going on.

Needless to say, the prank worked out great for the store owner who made national news because of the line. People who live in the area said they never saw anything like it, especially because as one guy put it, "The stuff in there is already cheap." Because of that fact, people just assumed they would be able to shop for literally pennies on the dollar...and they did! People can be so gullible, but the result here was pretty cool as you can see for yourself.

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