Do you remember Billy Big Bass? You could hang him on your wall and it would talk and sing. Well, he is making a huge comeback! There's a new version on sale that looks just like the old version, but this one is powered by Amazon's Alexa.

Essentially, Billy Big Bass has evolved. You can now pair him with your Amazon Echo device and he will respond to Alexa voice commands. Talk about an awesome gift for that person who loves fishing and humor! If someone is looking to buy me a Christmas present, I would graciously accept Billy Big Bass. I always wanted one as a kid, but as an adult, Billy Big Bass with Alexa is perfect!

Big Mouth Billy Bass with Alexa via
Big Mouth Billy Bass with Alexa via

According to Amazon, the new Billy Big Bass will:Lip syncs with Alexa spoken responses


  • Responds to inquiries about the weather, your commute, the news, random facts, and more

  • Reacts to timers, Notifications, and alarms

  • Dances to the beat with music. This is a hilarious gift!

  • Includes the original song “fishing’ time”

  • Pairs with Alexa via Bluetooth/automatically updates with Alexa upgrades

  • Includes Power adapter/battery compartment also available (batteries not included)

Billy Big Bass is now available for pre-order for $39.99 at Amazon. It will be available for shipping on December 1st. Now, I should mention that if you want him to do everything mentioned above, you need to first have an Amazon Echo device that you can connect him to. These devices start at $20, depending on which product you want to go with.

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