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I can remember when I was little and going to my grandparents house so my parents could play cards, they drank one, and only one, beer and that was Pabst Blue Ribbon. Plain and simple. I can't imagine my grandpa or anybody in my family, at that time, thinking flavored beer would ever be a thing. If somebody would have said, 'Hey, let's put chocolate in this beer,' they would have been laughed right out of house.

But today, flavored beers are very trendy and delicious. You can literally find anything mixed with beer. It's my preferred way to drink beer. My favorite beer is with Blue Moon with several orange wedges or Leinenkugel Summer Shandy which is unfused with lemon.

The only thing I love more than citrus flavors is chocolate. I am so open to this chocolate/ beer porter. Can't wait to try it. Get more info here.

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