For those who frequent the wineries and keep bottles of wine on hand in the wine rack or cooler at all times, you may snub your nose at any kind of boxed wine. I get it, boxed wine is SO last century. Just the thought of bringing it home and serving it might give you the willies. But, what if I told you that box of wine fits perfectly into a backpack? You like that, right? Who wouldn't? Now, your camping trips and hikes just got a little bit more enjoyable. I know I just made the day for all of my wino friends.

Franzia has a new collection of merchandise that includes a backpack designed to hold your favorite box of Franzia wine. The backpack is $32 and has a wine opening on the side of the backpack so you can pour people a glass while you are in the woods, on the beach or anywhere you need a portable glass of wine.

The collection also includes Franz For Life Party Cups which go perfectly with the backpack.

At this time, the Franzia collection website says that the backpack is coming soon, so keep checking back to place your order, here! Get one for yourself AND your friend. That way you can enjoy two boxes of Franzia wine on your next hike.

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