Nothing makes the world go around quite like babies. Every parent has a story about their children when they were babies that they will tell until their dying day. I have several about each of my kids that are priceless and that I I will never forget. Have you ever watched a baby talking and wondered what in the world they might be saying. That's one reason the E-Trade baby commercials are so hilarious. maybe we don't want to know what they are saying.

Have you ever noticed that they seem to get frustrated because they know you don't have a clue what they're saying? That is the case with the baby in this video who is obviously trying to make a very important point, but is getting frustrated because dad is clueless.

My favorite part is when he tries to get her going with pattycake...she smiles, starts to get into it and suddenly realizes that dad is trying distract her and she quickly gets back on point, giving her dad a look like he's the biggest tool ever! This video is absolutely hysterical and will cure whatever ales you....enjoy.

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