A committee is formed to plan for an asteroid that could be heading to our way, plus if you go out for work remember to wear clothes.


Lets go to California where Police say they arrested a nude man who walked into a welding shop while apparently on methamphetamine.  Sacramento police said they received a call around 12:30 p.m. Saturday about a nude man rambling incoherently at the Juliesse Avenue welding shop.  Police said Jose Ayala was standing outside the shop when they arrived and struggled with them briefly before being taken into custody. They said Ayala is believed to have been high on methamphetamine at the time.  Chris Johnson, the owner of the shop, said the man initially asked for a job.  ”I turn around and I’m like ‘whoa!’” Johnson said. “He said something about he was looking for work, and he was good with his hands. I didn’t know why a naked dude would be in my shop.”


Scientist from around the world have been meeting to discuss possible ways to deflect a huge asteroid heading our way. The 150 yard wide space rock is called 2011 AG5 and should pass dangerously close to the earth in the year 2040. The United Nations Outer Space Committee says there appears to be no danger and the asteroid will pass without incident, but they say better safe than sorry and are starting to discuss alternatives to deflecting the asteroid now.