Finally, a day we all can get behind...National Relaxation Day...don't let your boss stop you from celebrating!

Of all of the "National Days" that are out there, this is the one that I want to celebrate the most. Most of these kind of days are just ridiculous and it makes you wonder why we are supposed to celebrate the most random things. I know that I question that all of the time. This day is a day that I will gladly celebrate though. Last year, I tried to take advantage of this day, but Dave wasn't having it...

This year will be a different story. I am going to take full advantage of National Relaxation day, as it is my right as an American...and I dare Dave to try and stop me! Heck, I might even relax enough to nap. That sounds GLORIOUS!!!

I have always said that one of my biggest regrets as a child was not taking full advantage of nap time. As an adult, you only wish that you had the time to kick back, relax, and maybe take a nap. The cool thing about National Relaxation day is that it was created by a kid who must have appreciated a good nap.

National Relaxation Day was created in 1985 during a Des Moines, Iowa Register interview, in which a fourth grader named Sean Moller suggested that people need to unwind and find ways to relieve stress. This might have been the smartest fourth grader of all time!

Thank you fourth grade Sean, for your contribution to society! Your work has not gone unnoticed.




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