A place that I have become fascinated with lately is the abandoned Mushroom Mine located near Olive Hill and Lawton, KY. After I saw some haunting pictures on the Facebook page Haunted History of Kentucky, I had to learn more.

A row of large cave like entrances on the side of a mountain is how you enter what used to be The Lawton Limestone Company mine with 2.6 million feet of tunnels. In Carter County KY, the mine used to provide jobs for the hardworking people in the community. The property was recently owned by a man in Maryland who named it “Mega Mountain.” The tunnels encompass more than 70-million cubic feet of open space and 27-foot ceilings, with tunnels measuring 32 feet wide, even an underground lake. 

According to a railroad historian,

...the Olive Hill area was once one of the leading producers of "fire clay" bricks used to line the fireboxes of steam locomotives. Over the years, as Diesels replaced the steamers, there was little need for these special bricks, and this led to the end of a once thriving industry.

In the mid 1960’s, because of it's damp, cool and dark climate, the mine was used to grow mushrooms. The floors were leveled and the unnecessary entrances were sealed. The Kentucky Mushroom Farms shut down in the mid 80’s.

Sadly, in February, 2004 two bodies were discovered around a quarter mile inside the mine. They were the bodies of a married couple who had been reported missing about a month earlier. Their son and his girlfriend were charged with the murder.

Stories of ghosts have surrounded the mine for many years. People who have visited the mine report hearing miners working, the overpowering sound of rushing water where there is no water, seeing robed figures, hearing voices far away in the tunnels, and feeling a presence that they can’t explain.

voices far away in the tunnels, Could the couple be haunting the mine? Could there be ghosts of miners or others haunting the tunnels? Or, is it even haunted at all? You be the judge. 

While writing this article the words on the screen started messing up. Look at the above text. I didn't type it that way. I don’t even know how to make the letters do that. The crazy thing, I tried to change it and the computer wouldn’t let me. Truth. Ok, that’s a little too weird. I even called Travis to see if he knew why or how that had happen. He said he had never seen that happen to our article text. We can’t change the size of the font. WOW.

Ok, well...take a look at the pics, if you dare.

Are Ghosts Haunting the Mushroom Mines of Kentucky?

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