One website recently named the rudest city in each state. When it comes to Indiana, it might come as a shock to you.

Rude people are everywhere, let's be honest. You tend to find more of them in bigger cities because everything is more fast-paced, people are in a hurry, and tend to only look out for themselves. However, even in smaller towns, you will still run into a few rude people. When you think of Indiana, is there one city, off the top of your head, that is ruder than the others?

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The website, Travel A Lot, recently released an article that lists the rudest city in each state. Most of these cities are some of the biggest in the state, while others on the list might surprise you. Case in point, the city that they chose as the rudest city in Indiana. I'm somewhat confused by why they think that about this city.

The Rudest City in Indiana is...

Like I said earlier, the city Travel A Lot named the rudest in Indiana might come as a surprise to you. It isn't the biggest city, Indianapolis. It's not Gary, Ft. Wayne, or even Evansville. In fact, they named Bloomington as the rudest city in the state. Here's what Travel A Lot said about Bloomington:

<p>You might expect a rude person or two in Boston...but Bloomington? Indiana? It might not be the biggest cities in size, but it can sure compete with the big dogs when it comes to being rude.</p><p>I'm sure this must be devastating news--it seems like everyone is always headed to Bloomington for a dream vacation. </p>

Is Bloomington Really the Rudest City in Indiana?

Travel A Lot, doesn't say how or why they came to their decision, so it's a little hard to tell where that information came from. Now, I have only been to Bloomington a few times, but in my time spent there, I never would say that people there were really rude.  Sure, it's a college town where you might see some wild college kids, but that's just a small sample of, what is actually a beautiful city in Indiana. Bloomington has so much to offer families who are residents and who are out-of-towners alike.

As a matter of fact, the real reason why I say that I'm confused about why Bloomington was named the rudest city in Indiana, is that a few months back, Bloomington was named the most family-friendly in the state. Sounds a little odd, right? So is Bloomington more rude or friendly? In my experience, I'd have to go with the latter. What do you think?

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