What better way to enjoy the Halloween season than by enjoying great spooky movies while eating easy-to-make pumpkin-shaped pizzas?

Aldi is now selling pumpkin-shaped pizzas in their stores, and it's the most festive pizza you will find all fall.  It's called Mama Cozzi's Halloween Pumpkin Shaped Pizza. Here's the thing though. Not only is it fall-shaped, it's also fall-flavored too!

According to the description on the box, and it's a pumpkin-shaped pizza crust topped with butternut squash sauce, cheddar cheese, mozzarella eyes, and a mascarpone cheese sauce.

It looks like a little Jack-O-Lantern, doesn't it? A lot of people are going crazy over this pizza according to Delish. I'd be more inclined to buy it if it were normal pizza toppings, but that's just because I am a picky eater. It would be worth a try though.

If you're interested in getting your hands on one, they are available at Aldi stores nationwide for $3.99.

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Pumpkin Inspired Goodies for Fall

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