Airbnb is used mostly for vacations or business travels. Recently, they have opened their doors to evacuees.

Most people know Airbnb for vacation homes or for business trips. It's essentially a better way to travel and sometimes even cheaper! Airbnb hosts have properties you can stay at alone, a separate living quarters while the host is on the property, or even share a room with the host. This has been a way I have traveled for a few years and I love it. It's great to meet people, too.

Photo: Airbnb


Airbnb has opened their doors across the Midwest and even southern/east coast states to those who are evacuating their homes due to hurricane Dorian. The hurricane has hit the Bahamas hard the last several days and is idling just east of Florida currently. Many Floridians and even those on the coast of Georgia and South Carolina have been evacuating their homes. Most are finding hotels, friends, or families homes but some people aren't that fortunate. Some people are leaving everything behind without a plan.

Photo: Airbnb

Thankfully, Airbnb stepped up and checked in with their many hosts to see what they can do. These hosts have been gracious enough to open their rental properties to those who need shelter at no cost. Yes, you read that right. AT NO COST! This is such a relief to the evacuees that they can take their family somewhere safe and not have to spend a dime on shelter so they can put food on the table and spend that money on other expenses such as gas, water, clothing, etc.

If you know someone who could utilize this, click here.