ARG has teamed up with Hacienda for a Hacienda Gives Back Fiesta on March 19th! Get more details.

According to their FB page -

ARG provides FREE HIV and Hepatitis C testing. Please call 812-421-0059 for an appointment if possible so we can make sure we are available for you!

Our Care Coordination program assists people who are HIV+ find medical resources, insurance programs, access to medications, referrals for housing assistance and general support. Call to enroll, or just to ask about local resources. We are happy to help.

Other ARG programs include HOPWA housing, Risk Counseling to learn about better communication & decision making skills (you do not have to be HIV+ to enroll!), and our supportive care program, which is a harm reduction model substance use support program.

To help with the cost of the needed services they offer, ARG is holding a fundraiser at the Hacienda on First Ave. Hacienda holds these 'Give Back' opportunities to organizations with a portion of their sales going to group and YOU get delicious food!! #YUM But, you need a coupon. Bring your family and friends for food and drinks. Print coupon here!

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