Nerf guns...a toy that you're never too old to have fun with. You can have Nerf wars like you would with lazer tag, shoot them at your friends for fun, or shoot them at your unsuspecting mom.

That's exactly what this guy did to his mother. I saw this video last night and it's one of those things that if he didn't film it, no one would believe that it actually happened. This guy (clearly a fun loving adult) takes aim and shoots a Nerf gun dart right into the mouth of his unsuspecting mom sitting on the couch.

Now, don't take this as him being disrespectful with his parents. Judging by her reaction, they have that fun relationship where they do things like this to each other all of the time. I am like that with my parents too. There's nothing wrong with cutting up jokes with your parents/kids and having fun with small, harmless pranks. You just have to know not to cross the line.

Check out the video and enjoy a good laugh:



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