Three cities in Indiana landed on a list of the most miserable cities in America for 2023. Do you think you know which ones they are?

Indiana is much more than just the city of Indianapolis. In fact, the state is full of a lot of great small towns. In the past, we have highlighted quite a few in articles such as an Indiana small town that makes you feel like you are in a Hallmark movieHGTV names the most charming small town in Indiana, and the best must-visit small town in Indiana. That being said, it's also apparent that not every town/city in Indiana is great. Sure it might have some cool aspects, but overall, it might not be the best place to live. We highlighted a few of those in an article about the worst small towns in Indiana. Now, we are going to take a look at three more, that recently found their way on the list of the most miserable towns in America for 2023.

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The website, Science A2Z, recently discovered the most miserable cities in America using Census data. According to the website:

Based on factors like crime rate, median income, commute time, and more, the census data is used to determine the most miserable cities in the country. If you want to know where not to live, take a look at the most miserable cities in America as presented by the census results.

There were many cities on this list that come as no surprise, but there were some that you might not have expected to see on there. When it comes to the three cities in Indiana, I'm curious if you are surprised or not to see them on this list.

Three Indiana Cities in 2023's Most Miserable Cities In America

Again, using census data, the study found that three Indiana cities were among the most miserable cities in America. Here, we will break those down by showing you the explanation that Science A2Z gave.

Anderson, Indiana

<p>At one point, Anderson was home to 24 active GM factories. Unsurprisingly, these factories employed a large chunk of Anderson’s population. But the factories eventually shut down, and 23,000 people lost their jobs. Since then, the town has been on a steady decline.</p><p>Rather than living in poverty, most people have chosen to abandon Anderson altogether. In 2015, the city used $2.8 million to tear down 100 abandoned homes.</p>

Hammond, Indiana

<p>Hammond is an industrial city. But instead of a thriving economy, residents are plagued with water and air pollution. Like Newark and Flint, Hammond also struggles with lead contamination. </p><p>Twenty-two percent of Hammond’s population lives in poverty, and the number of people living in the city declines continuously. Because of the population issues, the community has decreased by 6.2% since 2010.</p>

Gary, Indiana

<p>Gary, Indiana, is a town that’s falling apart. At one time, it was the murder and drug capital of the US. Unfortunately, the population has declined so drastically that there are hardly enough people to do anything terrible, much less anything good.</p><p>There are few jobs available in Gary and even fewer residents. There isn’t much to this town, which is why it’s just a miserable place to live.</p>

Are you surprised that any of these cities made the list of the most miserable cities in America for 2023? Perhaps, you will find yourself surprised by some of the other cities that made the list. You can check out the full list by clicking here.

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