You're invited to join the Evansville Police Department, along with other first responders from the Evansville area at the annual National Night Out coming up early next month.

The annual event began in Philadelphia in 1984 with the purpose being to give residents in communities across the country an opportunity to meet with first responders who help keep them safe day in and day out all year long. Over the course of the last 37 years, National Night Out has expanded to cities and towns in all 50 states, as well as "U.S. territories and military bases worldwide," according to the official National Night Out website.

2022 Evansville National Night Out Set for Early August

Evansville Police Department via Facebook
Evansville Police Department via Facebook

Like all National Nights Out, the Evansville edition is free to attend and will take place on the first Tuesday of August which this year is August 2nd. The event runs from 6:00 until 8:30 p.m. and will feature representatives from both the EPD and Vanderburgh Sheriff's Office, as well as members of the Evansville Fire Department, local paramedics, and EMTs. All of which will have vehicles from their respective agencies on site for the public to see up close. This year's event will also feature appearances from the EPD Bomb Robot and Mounted Patrol.

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Not only will you get the opportunity to get to know the people who have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe, and learn more about the tools they use to do that, but you'll also have the chance to enjoy free food and drinks.

Like the 2021 version of the event, this year's will once again take place at the C.K. Newsome Center on Walnut Street in downtown Evansville. For several years, the event had taken place outdoors at Wesselman Park on Boeke Road. However, from time to time, Mother Nature would decide she didn't want to play nice, and would force the Department to shut the event down early or cancel it altogether due to inclement weather. The move to the C.K. Newsome Center gives organizers the chance to use both indoor and outdoor space, as well as easily move everything inside in case Mother Nature decides to literally rain on the parade.

[Source: Evansville Police Department on Facebook]

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