It's Summer and that means that a whole different set of words come out of your mouth when you talk to your kids. Things you never hear yourself say any other time of the year. And, some things you say over and over again, no matter what season it is.

Do the kids like them? Usually not! But, they are so funny!  LOL

Top 10 Things Parents Say During in the Summer

  1. Don't pee on the rose bushes.
  2. Don't eat the sand. Don't feed the sand to the baby!
  3. You have to put shorts on at least, to go outside.
  4. Have you showered since the last day of school?
  5. After you finish your chores, take a picture of the cleaned areas, text it to me and then I'll tell you where I've hidden all of the remotes!
  6. How about you roll your eyes at me one more time?
  7. If your thirsty get a drink from the hose!
  8. You can’t wear a bathing suit to the store, put some clothes on!
  9. Get out of bed. It’s after noon.
  10. In or out?!?!?!?!?!?

And, let us not for get the expletive - OH HELL!!! (or, something even worse LOL)

Thanks to my incredibly funny and always helpful FB friends for sharing the things they say!

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