If you plan on going out into the madness that is Black Friday shopping, you may want to know the best places to go for some great deals.

Wal-Mart Prepares For Black Friday Shopping Rush
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WalletHub just released a list of the best deals by retailers. How did they come up with their results? Well according to their website, they looked at "a comparison of retailers according to the percentage of “good” deals they offer — that is, compared with the same products from Amazon.com."

So what stores in the Tri-State will offer the best deals this Black Friday? Below is a list of the the ten best places in the Tri-State for Black Friday deals. Be warned: since they are the best, you will most likely be waiting in a line that is forever long.

1. Big Lots

2. Harbor Freight

3. Meijer

4. Costco

5. True Value

6. Office Depot/Office Max

7. Ace

8. Target

9. Staples

10. Academy Sports

Stores that landed outside of the top ten that we have here in the Tri-State include:   Kohl's, JC Penny's, New York & Company, Best Buy, Walmart, and Macy's. WalletHub also included some of the best items on sale this year, as well as the best and worst product categories. It is a very informative article that you might want to look at before your holiday shopping.

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