We live in challenging economic times and trying to make ends meet is very difficult for a lot of us right now. Sometimes buying groceries for your family or paying the electric bill in the dead of winter can be very difficult and people are sometimes motivated to do what they can or what they feel they need to do in order to get what they need, but how far would you go? A Florida woman recently visited a Chase Bank ATM on a Sunday to find $1800 sticking out of the unsupervised machine. She did not hesitate to remove the money, but realizing the bank was closed, she did the only thing she could do.....call 911 and report what she had found. Officers arrived at the bank and the woman turned the money over to them in hopes the rightful owner would come forward.  She said the idea of keeping the money was not an option and she was very worried for the person who left it. What would you have done?

Another recent case involved a man who was cleaning out his deceased father's storage unit and found $40,000 in savings bonds which did not belong to his father. He also contacted authorities and turned the bonds over in hopes they would be reunited with the the rightful owner(s). What would you do?

A woman in Philadelphia, PA was standing in line when the man in front of her dropped $2300 in cash. The woman said nothing and when the man left the line, she picked up the money and kept it. She is now under arrest and awaiting trial thanks to a security camera. What would you have done?

We have all heard stories about large sums of money that were found in various places. We usually hear the story because the person who found the money, did the right thing. There are many stories that we have not heard because whoever found the money kept it and said nothing about the discovery.

People are motivated in different ways. Some put themselves in the shoes of the person who lost the money and some adopt a 'finders, keepers' attitude. It does seem like, in life, karma has an uncanny ability to catch up with people, whether it be good karma or bad karma.

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