Do you have what it takes to tour a haunted underground cavern on a kayak...alone?

It's never too early to start planning for spooky Halloween activities that you and your family can take part in. Of course, there are things like haunted hayrides and haunted houses that you can visit, but why not try something a little outside of the box this year? Something like a haunted kayak tour inside of an underground cavern...

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Gorge Underground at Red River Gorge, Kentucky

The Gorge Underground is an abandoned limestone mine that is naturally filled by an underground spring that waterfalls into the mine from several locations. Located in Rogers, Kentucky, guests can take a one-hour guided kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or cave boat tour throughout this amazing mine. They will provide you with all of the equipment that you will need for the tour and sanitize everything in between trips.

For the past couple of years, they have been offering guided haunted boat tours. However, in 2022, they will be doing something a little different for the Halloween season.

Gorge Underground Unguided

Turns out, this place has a lot of paranormal activity going on there. It sounds pretty scary. Think about it. You're in an abandoned mine filled with water and it's pitch black! You never know what may be lurking in the mine. This year The Gorge Underground will be offering unguided tours where it will be just you walking and kayaking through the cavern full of spooky surprises.

According to the Facebook event page:

<div class="m8h3af8h l7ghb35v kjdc1dyq kmwttqpk gh25dzvf">Join us for this super spooky unguided paddle thru the Gorge Underground.</div><div class="m8h3af8h l7ghb35v kjdc1dyq kmwttqpk gh25dzvf"><br />You will have 90 minutes on the water to explore the underground like never before. Our guides won’t be on tour with you, but they will be all over the mine to haunt and keep you safe while you paddle.</div><div class="m8h3af8h l7ghb35v kjdc1dyq kmwttqpk gh25dzvf"> </div><div class="l7ghb35v kjdc1dyq kmwttqpk gh25dzvf jikcssrz">You asked, we've answered. Explore the mine on your own. All of the spirits come out to play in October!</div>
These unguided tours will be held on October 21st through 23rd and again on October 28th through 30th. You can learn more and book your tour by clicking here.

Prepared to be spooked! This sounds like too much fun. Oh, and if you're too scared to take the haunted boat tour, you can still do the regular kayak, paddleboard, or boat tours year-round.

Take a look below at what you can expect when you visit The Gorge Underground:

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