"You serious, Clark?" Build-a-Bear is now selling a Cousin Eddie Bear in his iconic robe.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is one of the most beloved and quoted Christmas movies of all time. What better way to enjoy the movie this holiday season than by having a Cousin Eddie Build-a-Bear nestled next to you while you hear that famous line, "Sh***er was full!"

Build A Bear
Build A Bear

This is the perfect Christmas gift for someone like myself who enjoys a good laugh, and could always use some more funny Christmas decorations inside of my house. You can get this hilarious Build-a-Bear, which includes the outfit, online only for $50.50.

This would go perfect with the ceramic replicas and inflatables of all the scenes and places we love about the movie that are available online. You'd definitely have the coolest house on the block with all of these inside and outside of your home...not as cool as Clark Griswald's Christmas display, but cool nonetheless.

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