"All right Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready for my close-up" is one of the most famous lines in Hollywood history. The line was featured in the 1950 movie classic, 'Sunset Blvd' and was uttered by actress Gloria Swanson who was playing attention-starved actress Norma Desmond. That very line could in fact be reality for job seekers in today's world, as Skype is becoming the new way to interview job candidates.

Companies are looking for every way possible to save money these days and interviewing a candidate via Skype will save time as well as money. It could cost a company as much as $1,000 to fly in an applicant and put them up for the night so, using Skype almost eliminates that expense.

If you have ever Skyped, you know there can be problems like a fuzzy transmission signal, dropped call, noisy kids and barking dogs. Also, it is very possible that you will be perceived differently on camera as opposed to being there in-person. Lighting, camera angles and background could cloud the interviewer's perception of you, which could cost you the job, even though you might be the perfect candidate.

If you set yourself up for the interview properly and remember to look into the camera when answering questions, you should be just fine. Looking into the camera when talking is the same as looking the interviewer in the eye. The times...they are a changin'!