Several movies have been made over the years that take place in Indiana, but not all of them have been big blockbuster hits.

Two of my favorite movies that use Indiana as the main setting are The Christmas Story (1983) and Rudy (1993). The first of those is, of course, a classic, and the second is just a solid, heartwarming sports flick. I'm ashamed to say that I've never sat through the movie Hoosiers (1986), which was filmed in several portions of central Indiana. (I'll add that to my running list.) Each of those films was clearly successful, but not every film based in Indiana has had the same response. Some are certainly better than others.

Go Social has sorted through scores of films to find out the absolute worst flicks set in each state. The website notes that some of the movies might have fans, but that they're far from being the most favorable representation of the states they call home. When it came to Indiana, I was not at all taken back by their choice, mainly because I hadn't seen or even heard of this film. However, after watching the trailer alone, I can see why it was featured on the list. The worst movie based in Indiana is none other than Sleepwalkers (1992). Here is the movie description from Rotten Tomatoes:

When newcomers Charles (Brian Krause) and his mother, Mary (Alice Krige), settle into town, the local residents do not suspect that they're shape-shifters looking to feed on the town's virgin girls. Charles quickly befriends innocent and chaste Tanya (Madchen Amick) when he begins attending high school, hoping to take her life force in order to feed his mother. When Tanya agrees to a first date with Charles, she may learn his true intentions the hard way.

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Sleepwalkers is based in "Travis, Indiana," but according to IMDB, it was shot entirely in California. It was written by Stephen King and is believed to be the first piece of work King wrote specifically for film. The movie has a very low audience score of just 31% on Rotten Tomatoes. I doubt I'll ever take the time to see if this movie lives up to its backlash, but if you feel the need to do so, don't say I didn't warn you.

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