Do you find that you crack a little smile to yourself when your man is sick with jealously. Or, when he seems upset that you forgot to call him? Well, researchers at Harvard found that women feel happy when their husband or boyfriend is upset -- and especially enjoy seeing him angry.

Why is this?

Apparently, when guys are ticked off or frustrated, it shows us that they have a "strong engagement or investment" in our time together. Awwwww.....Really? This, according to women in the study, is evidence of a healthy relationship.

Guys, though,  are the exact opposite. When men realize their wife or girlfriend is unhappy, guys aren't happy. Is it evidence of their compassion? NO, most guys will tell you that seeing their wife or girlfriend unhappy is a hassle. That means it's going to take time to figure out what's wrong and then even MORE time to fix it!!

Once again, research proves men and women are TOTALLY different!! :-)


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