I remember, as a teenager, talking to my mom about death. She was an Oncology Educator who would help not only educate her patients about their Cancer treatment, but their families as well.

Mom always told me that she wasn't afraid to die. When I asked her why, she had two reasons. The first reason being her faith in a God and the peace of his love. The other being her patients that had passed away. She shared with me a description of the peace that came over there face as they were taking their last breaths. Even if they had suffered, as their body was dying, in the very end, it was as if they were seeing something or feeling something wonderful.

When my family was gathered around my mom, as she slowly passed away, I saw it for myself. As I was holding her hand and looking at her face, there came a moment when everything seemed to change. Her hand, that had been tense with pain, grew soft and her face that had been emotionless, seemed to relax and gently, ever so slightly, smile. At that moment I remembered our conversations regarding death and suddenly I wasn't afraid either. I knew Mom was experiencing something incredible and it gave me peace. Peace with her death and peace with my own mortality.

My sister shared this Facebook post with me and it made me think of Mom, her many patients that passed and her family, including me, that realized as she passed, that it is all real.

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