Christina Stephens has changed Legos forever by actually building her own prosthetic leg using nothing but Lego blocks she found in her basement. Stephens lost her foot last year and a co-worker jokingly suggested she make a leg out of Legos. Stephens took the joke as a challenge and did just that. Stephens is an occupational therapist by trade and decided to take her own advice by being comfortable enough with her own body to meet this challenge head on. Stephens made a video of the whole process, which actually took a couple of hours to complete.

While the Lego-leg is functional, it is not practical and Stephens can only walk very short distances because the ankle and foot keep popping off. Stephens plans on making a much more functional foot and ankle using the Legos.

Stephens is also creating some legs that are much more artistic. As crazy as this sounds, it really is completely amazing when you think about it and I'm sure will have doctors and scientists lining up to speak and hopefully, work with her. This creation could wind up being something very special and more importantly, very affordable.

We humans can be pretty amazing when put our minds to something. See her video below....incredible.


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