The 4th of July isn't the 4th of July unless you end it with a bang. That "bang," of course, being a ton of brilliantly-colored fireworks lighting up the night sky. For some people, that means loading up the family and heading down to the Evansville riverfront to catch the annual fireworks show. But, with July 4th falling on a Tuesday this year and most people likely having to get up for work on Wednesday morning, fighting the crowd and trying to get home at a reasonable time after the show is over may not be worth the hassle. Thanks to our PBS affiliate in Evansville, you can still enjoy the fireworks spectacular without leaving the house.

WNIN to Broadcast 2023 Evansville Riverfront Fireworks Show Live

Taking a trip to Riverside Drive is a tradition for thousands of Evansville residents. While the show doesn't start until after the sun goes down around 9:00 PM, many people get there a few hours early with their lawn chairs and coolers to try and snag a prime viewing location. Once the show is over, everyone heads back to their cars and tries to get out of downtown as quickly as possible. However, with that many people and that many cars, trying to do that is nearly impossible. If the thought of dealing with all those people and all that traffic sounds awful to you, WNIN (Channel 9) is giving you the chance to experience all the glory of the annual show from the comfort of your home with Fireworks on the Ohio. The show will begin at 9:00 PM following the broadcast of A Capitol 4th from Washington D.C. and will air the riverfront show live as it happens.

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The show will be hosted by April Nading and me (Ryan O'Bryan).

[Source: WNIN on Facebook]

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