Throw that swear jar away, we just found a list of alternative swear words that will save you some money and get your kid in less trouble after repeating those bad words that you sometimes spew out.

Comedian Tim Hawkins has released a chard of " 101 carefully curated substitute swears suitable for taming the most torrid of tongues." These are words that are so funny, that you may not even need a reason to blurt them out. In the case that you do, let me give you a proper scenario to use one of the words on the list. Let's say that you just get back from the store and realize that you forgot to buy toothpaste because you are fresh out. It's possible that you may use a certain four letter word that starts with a "S" to express your frustration, right? Well, instead of using that word, it is much more acceptable to shout out "Bob Saget" in front of those little ones with impressionable ears.

Check out the list here and let us know if this would work for you!


We asked you to share with us some of the alternative swear words that you use. You did just that, and some of them were hilarious! We took some of those words and had a little fun with them. Watch the video below to see if YOUR word made the final cut!!!

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