99.5 WKDQ wants to find out who has the best pizza in the Tri-State! Since it is that time of year when everyone is filling out their brackets, we decided to put our own twist on the madness by creating the Tri-State Pizza Bracket Challenge!

Here's how it works:

  • We have selected 32 local pizza joints throughout the Tri-State to go head to head.
  • Each day on WKDQ's Facebook, YOU will be able to vote who will win each battle. Once the voting is complete, the winning pizza joint will move onto the next round.
  • This process will continue until we reach a winner, much like the NCAA College Basketball Tournament Brackets.
  • The last local pizza joint left standing will be the winner of the first ever WKDQ Tri-State Pizza Bracket Challenge.

Below is the WKDQ Tri-State Pizza Bracket. We will be updating the bracket each day with the winning pizza joint. Be sure to check back to see the updated brackets to see if your favorite pizza has moved on to the next round!

Good luck...and let the pizza madness begin!

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