Some judges can be a little "harsh" on their rulings, trying to make a statement with some sort of "cute" sentencing. But this judge's orders fits, you know.

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After Corey Curtis attended a court hearing about his "side hustle," the ruling was announced and this is a "one of a kind."

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This Wisconsin judge put his foot down and ORDERED Corey Curtis stop getting it on. Too many kids, too many women. JUST STOP! SG

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Mr. Curtis has nine kids, with six women and does nothing to support any of them. So when Corey appeared in court at Racine, Wi he was told enough is enough.

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The judge laid the wood to Mr. he would stop, "doing it." Here's the profound statement made by this judge:

"Frequent breeding was to be curbed as a condition of his three-year probation term."

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So, Mr. Curtis you will not be able to procreate by orders of the court. How about that judgement...That is amazing. He owes around $90,000 in back child support, and was told that child number 10 cannot enter the world UNTIL that was paid off.

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So finding the finances, to pay for the nine kids, will have this guy making whoopie in no time! Who are we kidding, will this happen? Wanna get with your lady, it will cost you $90,000.

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