The country singer that has been the poster boy (uhh - poster grandfather) for marijuana has made an earthshaking announcement. Willie Nelson says he is no longer smoking weed. Yes -- you read that correctly. Here's the quote from Willie as told to TV station KSAT in San Antonio this past December:

I have abused my lungs quite a bit in the past so breathing is a little more difficult. So I have to be careful. I don't smoke any more. I take better care of myself today.

In the spirit of full disclosure it should probably be noted that Willie did not say he was giving up cannabis, only that he wasn't smoking it anymore.Willie has had breathing problems recently. He had to cancel several concerts last summer and has visibly had difficulty breathing on stage. He did resume touring in September of last year.

Willie still will have several options to get THC into his 86 year old system without traveling through his lungs. He has recently announced a new line of products to add to his weed line of Willie's Reserve.In places where THC products are legal, Willie's Reserve products now sells "Annie's Edibles" named for his sister. Her Annie Nelson THC chocolates and lozenges are available in Colorado. Will they appear in Illinois soon? We'll be watching.

A new coffee called "Willie's Remedy" is available in select locations. It contains no THC, just CBD oil which makes it legal.

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