Mother's Day always makes me think of my grandma. One of the reasons is that fact that my mom called my grandma, Mother. As a child, I thought that Mother's Day was named after her. LOL

The main reason is because of the influence she had in my life. My own mother had an incredible influence on my children and I realize more and more how much I mean to my own granddaughter.

Three reasons your grandma is your greatest blessing.

  1. Always comforting - Grandmas hugs, kisses and snuggles are always the best. Whether you have a skinned knee, a pubescent broken heart, or an adult lack of confidence, grandmas are where you can curl up and literally smell (Love the smell of her perfume) and soak in the love.
  2. So much fun  - Grandmas don't have to worry about whether or not you are a good person, it's all fun, all the time! I remember being able to stay up late and watch Johnny Carson, which my mom would NEVER let me do. Now, with my own granddaughter, we drink milkshakes. Her mom would rather we didn't but, it's our thing.
  3. Your biggest fan - Wherever you are, however old you get, your grandma will always be cheering you on. If she can, she will be sitting in the stands at all of your football games or siting in the audience at every play. Her heart only wants you to LIVE, really LIVE. When your parents are too cautious about a young adult decision, she will encourage you to go for it. She knows, all too well, what NOT following your dreams will do to you. She believes in you.

**Bonus Reason**

It's not one that you realize until it's usually too late, that's why I saved it for last. Remember those times you were too busy or preoccupied with yourself and your world when she was talking to you? You should have listened. Her stories are such a blessing. They are insightful, sometimes funny, sad and wonderful. She tells them to entertain you, enlighten you and entertain you. If you remember any go them, pass them on to keep her memory, her moments, and her lessons alive.


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