So, apparently Boonville Walmart's parking lot is a dangerous place to drive. If you have driven in the parking lot, maybe you have noticed the stop sign and other signs at the end of some of the isles. If you haven't, don't feel bad, because apparently you aren't the only one.

This happened at the Boonville Walmart on Sunday.


Now, it is not clear what exactly happened here. For all we know, that sign came out of nowhere! We all can make assumptions that maybe someone was texting while driving in the parking lot, but we aren't sure if that's the case. However, one thing that I am sure of is that this isn't the first time something like this has happened in the Boonville Walmart parking lot.

Allow me to present you with Exhibit B, as to why driving in the Boonville parking lot is dangerous for some drivers...

So, word to the wise: ALWAYS pay attention to what is in front of you while driving. Even if you're in the middle of a (somewhat empty) parking lot! Those signs in the parking lot are awfully dangerous!

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