After seeing multiple drivers disregard this law over the weekend, I figured I should give a friendly reminder to those who continue to forget to do this on the roadways.

We all have been at an intersection before, right? Chances are, you have ran into multiple scenarios where you got so frustrated at someone for not using their turn signals. They either result in an accident or you yelling at them from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Here's an example: You pull up to the intersection around the same time as the person in front of you. You intend on going straight ahead. The car in front of you does not have their turn signal on, so you assume that they also will be going straight ahead as well. That's when it happens. You both go at the same time and they intend on turning left, cutting you off.

That's just one example of how people chose not to use their turn signals. I have seen it occur a lot within the past couple of days. Whether you are turning at an intersection or changing lanes, using your turn signal helps avoid any issues with traffic and eliminates the chance that other drivers show you their favorite finger to indicate that you are "number one"...if you know what I mean.

Plain and simple, using your turn signal is very helpful on Indiana roadways. Not only that, but failing to use your turn signal is ILLEGAL!

If you don't believe me, here is your proof directly from the Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles:

You must signal your intention to do so at least 200 feet prior to changing lanes or turning. Your signal distance must be at least 300 feet before the turn if operating a vehicle in a speed zone of at least 50 miles per hour.
Oh yeah, if you plan on switching lanes in traffic, you have to use your turn signal for that as well...and don't be a jerk, driving like a maniac and weaving in and out of traffic. That's not only dangerous for yourself, but other drivers as well...but that's a completely different topic.
So what have we learned here? Something that we already knew- it is illegal to not use your turn signal. Be a good sport and let people know when you're turning. Those levers in your vehicle are there for a reason. It could help you and your fellow drivers out way more than you think.

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