I noticed that a lot of people gave me funny looks today. I didn't know why...did I smell funny? Could someone have put a kick me sign on my back? What's so weird about me today???


That explains it...they are JEALOUS of my Crocs! Hey, you can knock them all you want, but they are comfortable. Not only that but they make for great fishing, boating, and leisure shoes! Plus they are camouflage, so they look cooler than most Crocs!

All of my friends wear them. It's funny how that started. My friend Ryan, had a pair and we would make fun of them constantly. He would always tell us that they were comfortable and that they are perfect for when we go bowfishing. So, I eventually broke down and got a pair. He was right, I swore by them. Then my buddy, DJ, got himself a pair. Now, when they aren't wearing their boots, they can be found in those Crocs....I know, my friends are weird...but someone has to claim us!


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