It's election season but it's not like any election season we've ever seen before - for a number of reasons. One of which is the coronavirus pandemic that is still going strong and that's left a lot of potential voters concerned about exercising their constitutional right to vote while maintaining safe social distancing and avoiding crowds.

So what's the solution? You could certainly participate in the 2020 election with an absentee mail-in ballot. The better option, in my opinion, is early voting and it's how I plan to cast my ballot for the 2020 election. I can #BeHeard and hopefully avoid the crowds.

Before you grab your keys and head out to vote early, here's what you need (and need to know) if you live in Gibson County:

  • You must be age 18 or older by November 3, 2020 and registered to vote.
  • Early Voting takes place beginning October 6, 2020
  • If you have a felony conviction on your record, you are allowed to vote in the state of Indiana. Only those currently in jail or prison are barred from voting.
  • Before you head to the polls, make sure you have a valid photo ID issued by the State of Indiana or US Government. It must contain your name, a photo and an expiration date "that shows the ID current or expired after November 6, 2018."

Gibson County Clerks Office, 1st Floor of the Courthouse, 101 N Main St, Princeton, IN

  • October 6th - 30th: Monday - Friday from 8:30am 3:30pm
  • Saturday, October 24th: 8am - 3pm
  • Saturday, October 31st: 8am - 3pm
  • Monday, November 2nd: 8am - 12pm

To learn more about early voting in Gibson County as well as Election Day voting locations and a list of all candidates on the ballot visit and enter the requested personal information.

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