99.5 WKDQ has teamed up with Country Fresh Meats to giveaway a variety of delicious meats with the 12 Meats of Christmas!

Raw meat
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If you're like me, you love a nice juicy steak, or a delicious pork chop! The 12 Meats of Christmas gives you the chance to win some free meat just in time for the holidays. What's up for grabs? Check it out:

1. Box of Premium T-Bones

2. Box of Premium Gourmet Chicken Breast 

3. Box of Premium NY Strips

4. Box of Premium T-Bones

5. Box of Premium Salmon or Talapia Filets

6. Box of Premium NY Strips

7. Box of Premium Salmon Filets

8. Box of Premium Filet Mignon

9. Box of Gourmet Pork Chops

10. Box of Premium Pork Tenderloin

11. Premium Gourmet Chicken Breast 

12. Premium Italian Sausage 

All of those sound amazing! WKDQ will choose six people to win one of the meats listed above. To enter to win one of the 12 Meats of Christmas, simply fill out the form below. You have now until Friday, December, 21st to enter to win. We will contact our winners with all of the details on how to pick up their meat from Country Fresh Meats!

You can check out Country Fresh Meats at 600 N. Burkhardt, diagonal from IHOP during the following times:

Thursday: 10a-7p

Friday: 9a-8p

Saturday: 9a-6p


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