After being forced to cancel last year's event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 100th edition of the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival returns in just a few weeks (Monday, October 4th through Saturday, October 9th, to be exact). And while the rides, games, parades, and various live performances are a big part of the draw of the Festival, if we're being honest with ourselves, most of us are in it for the food. And just like years past, there will be hundreds upon hundreds of options to choose from.

Fall Festival week is the one time each year when diets go out the window and a cheat day becomes cheat days, which become cheat week. This year, 130 booths run by various non-profit agencies, church groups, school PTAs, marching band boosters, and more will set up shop on the sidewalks of Franklin Street all the way from St. Joe to Wabash Avenue of Flags selling everything from good old fashioned corn dogs and pronto pups to deep-fried Oreos, the always-popular walking tacos, and pork chops on sticks.

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The toughest part is trying to decide what to get. Fortunately, the Nut Club gives us plenty of time in advance to lay out your strategy with the annual release of the Munchie Map which they recently posted on their website. The map not only lists every single food item available during the six-day festival, it tells you exactly which booth you need to go to get using a convenient number system. You can download a copy and start planning your Fall Festival food journey by clicking the button below.

The Club also released the complete schedule of events for this year's Festival which includes when the rides and games of the Midway will be running, as well as the complete list of times and locations for the variety of live music performances they have scheduled through the week.

The 100th edition of the Festival will also see the return of Festival staples, the Lighthouse Parade, the Pet Parade, the Tug-of-War, the Amateur Hour contest, and the Main Parade which will once again close out the Festival Saturday evening.

Check out the complete schedule on the Nut Club website.

[Source: West Side Nut Club]

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