The condiment combo you never asked for is finally in the Tri-State! 


Do you remember in April when Twitter blew up because of Heinz Mayochup? Heinz tweeted that Mayo + Ketchup = Mayochup, and if they got 500,000 votes for yes they would bring Mayochup to the U.S. Last night I found that Heinz stayed true to their word.

My biggest issue with Mayochup is, the fact that Heinz named it Mayochup. I mean come on! Could they not have come up with a more appetizing name?? And here's the thing, while I don't see myself running off to buy a bottle anytime soon, I guess I can't knock it too much. While I wouldn't put it on my fries, or well, much of anything else, I can get that it might be good on a burger! I mean, when I eat a cheeseburger I like, mayo, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, onion, and pickles.  So Mayochup is essentially cutting out the middle man there.

So regardless of what I say, if Mayochup is something you think you'd use a lot, well I've got good news for you! You can find it at Evansville's Meijer! At least that's where I found it last night.



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