You've likely seen your share of lightning and probably a lot of rainbows. But, I doubt you've ever seen lightning strike inside of a double rainbow and that's exactly what happened during a Midwest thunderstorm. Oh, and it happened on Friday the 13th.

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This rare meteorological combo happened near Catoosa, Oklahoma during a line of thunderstorms that were about to cross into Missouri. The person who captured the video grabbed their phone when they noticed a stunning double rainbow. Little did they know they were about to get a lightning show, too.

Boom. The fact is that double rainbows aren't nearly as rare as they seem. How Stuff Works talked about the phenomenon and the fact that it happens all the time. It just isn't seen all the time. BUT, the odds of seeing one and capturing video at the same time as a magnificent lightning bolt aren't high.

The fact that this moment was captured in the early morning hours where the sky is showing off a beautiful sunrise just adds to the coolness of this.

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