Someone likely needed a change of pants after this. A fisherman stayed out on the lake a little too long after a thunderstorm moved into his area and came THIS close to a lightning strike in the lake just in front of his boat as his video shows.

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This is a brand new share, but I have reason to believe this close call of the lightning kind happened a few years ago. It doesn't require a lot of explanation. A guy was fishing. A thunderstorm moved in. Guy kept fishing too long. Thunderstorm gives him a jolting reminder why you don't stay on the lake during a storm. BANG.

On The Lake has a fun explanation of why lakes and thunderstorms are a bad combination including "When the charge on the cloud is large enough, something called a stepped leader leaves the cloud, sort of “looking” for a path to follow" and that "path to follow" is the rod and reel in your hand and maybe also your boat.

This guy is fortunate for two reasons. #1. He forgot to turn his GoPro off and got epic video of the close call. #2. The lightning decided it liked the water in front of him more than...him.

The National Weather Service will tell you to not wait until you see lightning nearby. The danger is already there in some cases before the storm even arrives. This close call can be a teachable moment for all of us fishermen to not take that chance. Or else.

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