It's the best kind of surprise. A new video share shows the moment when an Illinois girl got the shock of her life when her deployed father came home early.

This happened recently in Bridgeport, Illinois. Here's the backstory shared on YouTube about what happened:

Father was deployed 09/2020 at the beginning of her senior year of high school. He missed sporting events, banquets, holidays, and even her graduation. For a father who was there for all the others, it was upsetting for her not to see him in the stands. She thought he wasn't coming home for another month but he surprised her by coming home early.

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If that doesn't tug at your heart strings just a bit, you might want to check your pulse. Nothing better than seeing those that pay such a large price serving our country being given a special moment like this. If you've never had a family member be deployed far from home, the hurt that the families feel here is immeasurable. Missing so many life events like this dad is common and unfortunately overlooked in the media.

More stories like this, please and more homecomings for our fighting men and women.

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