Crews in Boonville began tearing down the former Mr. Gatti's today, and my inner child is crying.

Last October, Mr. Gatti's in Boonville announced that they would be closing. It was truly heartbreaking because I have so many memories of going to Mr. Gatti's, as many others do too. From being a kid and begging my parents to play games instead of eating to birthday parties and even going there for lunch for our Boonville High School musical teaser days.

Then in February, it was announced that Burger King will be taking the place of the old Mr. Gatti's lot. It's been a sore subject for many residents, as we all have had so many fond memories of Mr. Gatti's. Today, those memories have been demolished....literally.


As you can see, crews are in the process of tearing down the former pizza establishment to make room for Burger King. No word as of yet, to my knowledge, as to when construction will begin on the newest addition to Boonville. However, one thing is for sure. When you drive into Boonville after work this evening, it will look way different coming across those railroad tracks and not seeing Mr. Gatti's there.

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