This video is the reason I truly believe every toddler should grow up with a dog.

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There is something said about man's best friend and growing up with a dog is probably one of the best relationships any baby or toddler could have. Growing up with any sort of animal whether it's a dog or a cat I think is such a good thing for toddlers. They learn how to be gentle and play and don't get scared too easily with a dog or cat. This video proves that.

While playing in his walkers, a toddler tries to run from a puppy (that is extremely adorable) but doesn't get fair. The puppy goes everywhere the toddler walks to. There is even a point where the puppy lays down underneath the seat of the walker and just hangs out by the toddler's feet.

See, totally adorable in every way. If you are thinking about getting a puppy or an older dog, the Quincy Humane Society and the Northeast Missouri Humane Society are the best places to look for a new four-legged friend.

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