How much of yourself do you put on social media sites? Chances are, you put a lot more on there than you think and in much greater detail than you think. To prove this theory, YouTube prankster Jack Vale tricked people into thinking he is psychic, simply by using the information in their own social media profiles. Vale researched many different people in his are and then went out in search of these people. When he found someone he had researched, he would approach them and start telling them things like a psychic would.

To say these people were a little freaked out is an understatement. It never even dawned on them how he was able to know so much about them. My favorite is the guy at the end who says, "Thanks for invading my privacy and if you do it again, I'm calling the police." He didn't break any laws genius, your information is on a public site.

Kinda makes you wonder about anyone claiming to be a psychic in today's world. See for yourself below, hilarious.


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