Summer is a time to get out and enjoy the warm weather. If you use a stroller to push your baby around with the family, don't make this mistake.

According to,

Covering a stroller with a blanket to shield your baby from the sun – even if it's with a very thin cloth – can actually have a furnace-like effect, according to Swedish researchers. In fact, doing this can cause the temperature inside a stroller to skyrocket to dangerous levels.

We all know that leaving your baby in a hot car can be fatal, but I never thought about it in regards to the stroller. I always used to do that with my babies, to keep the sunlight off of the stroller. I thought I was protecting them but it wasn't.

Please don;t put a blanket on your stroller! Learn more about just how hot it an get.

Also, a reminder to NEVER leave your child in a hot car!!!

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