The World's Largest Toilet is a throne fit for Andre The Giant, and it's found right here in Indiana. Wait until you see what you can flush down it...

While Indiana, might be considered a "flyover state", we have a lot of really cool roadside attractions. Some of which you might have heard of, while others you probably had no idea were even a thing. Here are a few examples:

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One of these roadside attractions that Indiana has that flew under my radar is something that I never would have expected to be here in my home state. It's something only to be found in Indiana.

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The World's Largest Toilet

Yep. You read that correctly. Indiana is home to the world's largest toilet. It's found in Columbus, Indiana inside of Kidscommons, a children's museum. Kidscommons is a fun interactive museum that kids (and adults) of all ages would love. One of their coolest features is the world's largest toilet. Take a look at the photo below to get an idea of how big this toilet actually is.

kidscommons Facebook
kidscommons Facebook

Oh, and here's the cool thing. This toilet actually works...kind of. You won't want to actually do your business in this toilet. However, you could flush your kids down it if you wanted to! This toilet actually works as a slide when you "flush" it. So yes, you can threaten to flush your kids down the toilet and for once, you'd actually be able to do it.

But is it really the world's largest toilet? There's no official record for one on the Guinness World Records website, but when you search "world's largest toilet" on Google, Kidscommons is the first place that pops up. So for the time being, we will just go with another claim to fame for Indiana.  Either way, it's certainly a sight to see in person.

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