The Vanderburgh Humane Society is asking for your help as their cat and kitten population  grows out of control.

To put the situation in perspective, the VHS sent us this explanation and plea.

Our cat situation is dire. My count as of this moment is 294 with more coming in daily. Our Intake appointment book already has cats/kittens scheduled in it up to August 23rd. We’re glad they’re coming in to us rather than being given away unfixed on the streets, but it’s just so much. Example: Tuesday, we took in 18 cats and adopted out 4. Of those 4, only two were adults who emptied out cages... the other 2 were kittens who came out of cages that still have littermates in them, so we gained only 2 cages for 18 new kitties.
Biggest needs are not only financial, but foster homes! Particularly for underage or sick kittens until they’re ready for adoption! Also, volunteers who can clean cat cages a couple hours in the mornings every week. It would help immensely.
Contact the VHS if you can help.

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